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Car Rental Rates Isuzu Elf in Jakarta

You should already know what kind of car minibus usual to use a holiday with lots of passengers, the type of car is made from the manufacturer Isuzu car name Isuzu Elf is a car fleet used for travel tour.

Isuzu Elf mrupakan car that is suitable use for a vacation with a large family you or your colleagues with the number of passengers that quite a lot, the article reserved seats can accommodate a passenger with a number of up to 21 seats, in addition to the Isuzu Elf is very convenient if you use to travel far for their facilities and provide a spacious cabin spaciousness of the passenger.

In Jakarta or the area around Jakarta has many car rental services Isuzu Elf provides several vacation packages that you can choose and some facilities of the company to provide service and convenience for you. They also provide the car with the cabin comfort, clean air quality, as well as providing services of experienced driver, but it is also the safety and condition of the car is always awake because it was carried out routine inspection and service by the company. Isuzu Elf is a family of APV car that can be loaded with a lot of passengers.

If you are going on vacation in a tourist area in Jakarta, you can use any car rental services Isuzu Elf with Full Day Tour packages or 24-hour weeks to get around in the sights in Jakarta. Usually the services with the package used to deliver tourists to get to know the tourist attractions in Jakarta. The daily package provided by the company, these packages usually been only for personal interest or an agency that is only for use in the city. However usual to hire Isuzu Elf is used for a holiday which takes several days for a large family with a considerable tourist destination, as Isuzu Elf is a car that has an extra strong performance to carry many passengers.

Very profitable for those who rent a car Isuzu Elf by Isuzu Elf car rental rates in Jakarta very affordable, you are also benefited by this car with economical fuel consumption. With fuel economy will reduce your spending to your holiday with a long distance. In addition, the car has fiur Reverse Camera that will provide convenience when you park the car, the camera will be installed in the back and will be displayed on the screen near the driver.

The price of car rental in Jakarta Isuzu Elf with a wide rental price such as:
• The use of 12 hours at a fee of Rp 900,000
• Use of one day at a fee of Rp 1,250,000
• Use of one week at a fee of Rp 9,000,000

Thus you will know some of rental rates Isuzu Elf in Jakarta and will give you the ease of selecting a car rental company that you will use in your holiday.

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